Christmas Special with music from Emily Wyrick & Jud Cameron this Saturday, Dec 16th @ 6PM
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please contact us below.

The Venue has over 100 parking spots and shares parking with Tree House Farm & Nursery.  The heaviest parking is Saturday during the busiest day for the garden center.  Our neighbor, TCAT, has been gracious in understanding that our overflow parking utilizes their private property.  Please use the crosswalk between the church and our property.  Please do not park at the PARA RC Jenkins arena unless for special events where we note on our website directing you to park on PARA property.  

Yes, there is no charge for parking for non-special events.  However, if you park at TCAT, saying thank you to them and keeping their property clean would always be appreciated.

Ride Sharing is always a great option when you may consume alcoholic options and works great when parking is limited.  We encourage carpooling, ridesharing, and designated drivers.

The Venue is open to the community and we pride ourselves in providing a free place to gather and enjoy food and drink.  There will be on certain occasions that we offer special concerts or events that require a paid admission to offset the expense of the event.

No.  Outside food and drink is strictly prohibited.  The restaurants, pub, and sweet shoppe are the primary income sources to be able to support the size of The Venue and all the activities it has to offer.  Additionally, outside alcoholic beverages would violate our ABC license and we request that you neither bring or leave with alcoholic beverages in accordance with state law.

Yes.  We are family friendly so anyone that comes to The Venue knows that children are a part of who we are.  However, please keep a close eye on our young family members and friends so we can respect other patrons and to ensure The Venue stays a safe, clean, and well maintained space.  We like to say we are kid friendly not kid crazy.

Kinda.  Again we want families to be together.  However we do have spaces that are more appropriate for kids and others for adults.  Additionally we will have events that will be suited for different age groups and we will attempt to publicize the details in advance so that a family can make the decision of who attends.  Examples may include louder music that younger children may not be comfortable with.  Or styles of music like jazz or classical that may be more appropriate for an easy listening environment.

Yes. The Venue is available to rent after normal operating hours and there are certain spaces that can be rented on limited days.  We want to stay true to our vision of families, groups of friends, etc. having a space to enjoy and being open to the community. Nothing is more frustrating than to go to a place only to find it is closed for a private event.  We tried a few events like this already and found that our regular customers were frustrated with the entire venue being closed.

Being a predominantly outside venue, weather is always a factor.  We will use our best judgement for everyone to stay safe including our musicians in a wet environment.  We have a lot of covered space so that our customers can still enjoy The Venue when it rains.  That being said, we will occasionally close due to rain or wind when a normal indoor restaurant would not.  Please watch our social media to check if we might have to close unexpectedly.