Christmas Special with music from Emily Wyrick & Jud Cameron this Saturday, Dec 16th @ 6PM
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Concert FAQ

Frequently Asked Concert Questions

Please email us if you have any other questions.

Parking passes are $10 and are MANDATORY. You will park at the RC Jenkins Sokol horse arena for this special event. There will be a rideshare area in the TCAT parking lot for you to be dropped off/picked up by your Uber if you choose to not pay to park. NO PARKING ON STREET. You will be subject to city violations.

Yes! Chairs are allowed and are on a first come first serve basis when it comes to claiming a spot.

No backpacks, tote bags, or large purses. Bags MUST be clear.

No. Outside food and drink is strictly prohibited. The restaurants, Finny’s Pub, and Liza’s Sweet Shoppe are the primary income sources to be able to support the size of The Venue and all the activities it has to offer.  Additionally, outside alcoholic beverages would violate our ABC license and we request that you neither bring or leave with alcoholic beverages in accordance with state law.

  • Firearms (nothing concealed is allowed on the property) , pepper spray, knives, pocket knives, mace or weapons of any kind
  • Cameras or video cameras with removable lenses and flashes
  • GoPros
  • Outside beverages or alcohol, food, backpacks, coolers, chains
  • Lighting worn on the body and NOT attached to their physical clothing: Christmas lights, string lights, pins, etc. glow sticks.
  • Items that may be swung or invade the personal space of others; i.e. hula-hoops, swinging balls, umbrellas, jump ropes, etc.

For ADA accommodations, please email [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to the door time. The door time is listed on the calendar via the Events tab. The designated ADA section is limited, however the entire parking lot and The Venue is ADA accessible. Accommodations depend on availability.

Guest Services is located in the tent next to the merch table. Our staff is available during concerts to assist guests with, seating, ADA or transportation questions.

If you left something behind at one of our events, please contact the The Venue main office. All found items are secured in the office for one week, then disposed of.

In the event of inclement weather within the immediate vicinity, the show will be delayed.  A special pass out will be granted in this situation. Security will guide guests out of the venue to find shelter if necessary. Please seek shelter in a safe place of your choosing.  Stay tuned to social media for updates. We will be in constant contact with the Weather Advisor and Show Director. When we get the all-clear, we will announce this on The Venue Tuscaloosa’s social media.