Liza's Sweet Shoppe

Featuring 24 rotating flavors of Mayfield Ice Cream. In addition to our mouth-watering cold treats, Liza’s has smoothies, shakes, coffee drinks and more. Named after the only daughter in a family of boys, Liza’s is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Finny's Pub

Finny’s Pub is the epitome of our slogan, good times and high fives! It’s the perfect spot to watch your team win the big game while you enjoy an ice-cold beverage paired with a bar snack if you choose. Nine hand crafted signature drinks all made with freshly squeezed juice to go along with seasonal specials. Also a rotating wine list and one of the first locations in Tuscaloosa to offer wine on tap. Include frozen drinks (even a ICEE Jack Daniels machine) and six non-alcoholic Legend Spirit flavors of Delta 8 and Delta 9 mocktails.  Finally, Finny’s is the official launch site of Legend Energy drinks.

Venue Market: Deli & Pizzeria

Home of the brand new Smash Burger that customers have fallen in love with and also the home of our pizzeria.

But sometimes a good sandwich or Chicago Dog just hits the spot.

New!!  Variety of Salads, and Classic Southern Sandwiches (Chicken Salad, Pimento Cheese, and Egg Salad)

Good Times

Finny's other location

Special Bar that gives an outdoor option.  Also, home to some future chef specials.

High Fives

Smokehouse Grill

Smell the smoke, taste the smoke. An array of delicous meats smoked in-house for your enjoyment.

Tacos Locos

Tacos shouldn’t be predictable. Get Loco with our creative tacos and Latin flair.  

Lighten Up

COMING SOON! Tired of heavy foods? Time to Lighten Up. Salads, soups, wraps, you name it! 

LEGEND Energy Drinks!

launching at the venue

We are proud to announce that The Venue is the launch site of LEGEND Energy Drinks and Legend Spirits! LEGEND Energy is a NEW all-natural energy drink guaranteed to delight. LEGEND Energy is offered in both original and CBD-infused versions. LEGEND Spirits are hand crafted non-alcoholic Delta 8 or Delta 9 infused drinks. LEGEND Spirits is currently offered in six favorite flavors: Pina Colada, Margarita, Fuzzy Navel, Bourbon & Cola, Raspberry Mojito and Peach Moonshine! The Venue has even created a signature drink featuring LEGEND Energy. Be among the first in the country to try this Finny’s favorite!